Branded Seires 1911 Commander
  • Branded Seires 1911 Commander


    This holster is The first in a seirs called Branded.this 1911 Commander 4 inch Barrel to include Kimber's Leather outside waistband Pancake Holsters are handmade and this one is Machine sewn. When I find brands on the leather that I use to make my holsters. i am not discarding it i am making one of a kind holster with them. This one has what looks like a 45 branded in to the skin when this cow was alive. Each holster is made of 7-9 oz veg-tan leather, this particular holster is dyed to a saddle brown with a black antique paste applied to bring out any inperfetions in the leather. This holster has been treated with Smith's All Natural Leather Balm and top coated with Mink Oil to protect the leather from sweat and mosturre. Every Holster is Handmade in North Dakota, USA